Working for a town to be proud of






17 October 2018  Our AGM will be held 19:30 at the Heritage Centre followed by a presentation by (TBA)


July 2018 - The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has been updated by the Government. See the updated NPPF here.


18 July 2018 – The annual Town Centre Walk, taking in the northern part of the town centre was made.


30 June 2018 – A visit to Wilmslow Town Centre was made.


16 May 2018 – A walk from South Park to MADS was made.


18 April 2018  Civic Awards for development completed in 2017 were presented by the Mayor of Macclesfield. Award winners were a housing scheme at Green Street depot, town houses at Chestnut Gardens, Whirley Road, renovation of West Park Pavilion, and Macclesfield Town Council's floral displays, poppies and tree lighting in and around the town centre. A social evening followed the presentation.


21 February 2018  Meeting held at the Heritage Centre on tourism promotion for Macclesfield: Heritage, Culture and Scenery.


1 February 2018  The Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank is proposed by the Government as a UK candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Status. The winning candidate(s) are expected to be announced in the summer of 2019.


15 November 2017  Meeting held at the Heritage Centre: The future of the town centre - the next 5 year plan. Because of an extended public consultation period on CEC's plans for the town centre the speaker from Cheshire East was unable to deliver his presentation.


18 October 2017  AGM held at the Heritage Centre followed by a presentation by Nic Brindle of Fermain Academy, the winner of the Civic Award for developments completed in 2016. The Fermain Academy is pictured below.