Title: Mr

First name: KEITH


your address: 57 Orme Crescent, Macclesfield, SK10 2HU


Application reference number: 18/6101M

Application site address: TURF LANE, OFF MOSS LANE, MACCLESFIELD


What do you wish to do?: Make a general observation


Please make your comments: This area has a long and sometimes troubled history of open storage and scrap yard type uses and the reliance on the narrow length of Turf Lane brings added difficulties. Set against this the uses undertaken are legitimate and provide needed services to the town and surrounding areas and the South Macclesfield Development does not envisage displacement or relocation. It is noted that the new access road serving the SMDA scheme will provided access to the site and adjacent enterprises thus bring to an end the use of the narrow length of Turf Lane.


If permission is to be granted it should be subject to conditions relating to site fencing, drainage, hours of operation and access to be taken from the adjacent new road serving SMDA thereby avoiding use of Turf Lane.


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What is your interest in the application?: Local group





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Subject: Comment on planning application 18/6102M - FOR MACCLESFIELD CIVIC SOCIETY


Application reference: 18/6102M TURF LANE, OFF MOSS LANE, MACCLESFIELD


Comments: Make a general observation


Commentors interest: Local group,


Comments made: It is noted that the applicant wishes to provide a new facility elsewhere in their ownership once the SMDA project is well advanced. Given the proximity of adjacent dwellings it would appear necessary for the period during which this building is required for there to be a number of limitations imposed to protect the amenities of adjacent occupiers. These could include use of noise insulating materials

for the construction, hours of operation, specified noise levels at the boundary and fencing/landscaping. Consideration should be given to a Section 106 agreement or undertaking to secure relocation as part of the wider SMDA scheme.


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Address: 57 Orme Crescent Macclesfield SK10 2HU