Working for a town to be proud of





Macclesfield Civic Society was founded in 1962 and is entirely independent. Our membership is drawn from across and beyond the Macclesfield area.




Our aims include the conservation and protection of the best elements of Macclesfield's heritage in the built and natural environments. We also encourage high standards of planning, design and craftsmanship for the enhancement of the town and its surrounding area. More details about the Society, including our constitution can be found here




Throughout the year our programme of meetings and walks endeavours to inform and entertain.  We also make a positive contribution to the civic life of Macclesfield by running, in conjunction with Macclesfield Town Council and the Macclesfield Express, an annual civic awards scheme encouraging sensitive and appropriate new building, renovation and conservation projects. See our full programme of events here




Come along to one of our meetings and find out more about us.  If you would like to become a member, application forms to join us are available at Macclesfield Library, at the shop within Cheshire East Council's Service Centre in the Town Hall, at our meetings or can be downloaded here.




As a 'not-for-profit' organisation we are exempt from the requirement to register under the Data Protection Act 1998.


With the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have sought advice regarding our obligations under GDPR. Below is the relevant Q and A from the Information Commissioner's Registration FAQ pages:


We are a not-for-profit organisation - do we need to register?


You do not have to register if your organisation was established for not-for-profit making purposes and does not make a profit or if your organisation makes a profit for its own purposes, as long as the profit is not used to enrich others. You must:

  • only process information necessary to establish or maintain membership or support;
  • only process information necessary to provide or administer activities for people who are members of the organisation or have regular contact with it;
  • only share the information with people and organisations necessary to carry out the organisation's activities; and
  • only keep the information while the individual is a member or supporter or as long as necessary for member/supporter administration.